Step 1
Remove the clear backing and apply the eyePRO pad gel side down to the under eye area. As Maggie has very sensitive eyes she preferred her eyePRO pad not to be too close to the inner waterline of her lower lid.
Step 2
Before applying your eyeliner get in a comfortable, steady position. Resting your elbow on a table or shelf may help with stability. It can also be a big help to rest your hand against your cheek as you draw. Tilt your head back slightly and look down into your mirror. Use your free hand to gently pull your eye taut. You can start your line wherever feels most comfortable, anywhere from the inner corner to the midpoint are the most popular choices. Instead of one continuous line, use small strokes to draw dashes along the lash line toward the outer corner. Next, go back over your line and fill in any gaps until your line is smooth. This method takes the pressure off having to create a perfect line all in one stroke. The wing of your eyeliner should be created at the outer corner of your eyelid to give the illusion of an extended lash line. As you can see with Maggie, she has used her eyePRO pad as a perfect guide for her flick. Next, either apply a few swipes of mascara to your natural lashes, or for a more dramatic look you can apply false lashes as Maggie has. Once the glue has dried, a few strokes of eyeliner over the adhesive will ensure a seamless finish.
Step 3
With a small flat tipped brush apply charcoal eye shadow along your lower lash line. Using a slightly blunt kohl pencil in charcoal or black, gently run it along your lower waterline. This step as with the false lashes is of course optional. It’s whatever you feel comfortable with. Finish with a few swipes of mascara on your lower lashes. Gently peel away your eyePRO pad starting closest to your nose, peeling outward and upward. You will notice how easy it is to remove without pulling or stretching the delicate skin under the eye.
Step 4
Hello beautiful… and not a spec of messy shadow fallout or mascara smudge in sight. Enjoy!