Step 1
Remove the clear backing and apply the eyePRO pad gel side down to the under eye area according to your desired angle. Sweep a light coloured eye shadow over your eyelid (from lash line upward to just past the crease) as a base.
Step 2
Apply a dark brown eye shadow to the outer corner of your eye, blending from the outer lash line into the crease. Tip: If you feel it looks too dark, grab your light coloured eye shadow and dust over the dark eye shadow to diffuse.
Step 3
Gently peel away the eyePRO pad starting closest to your nose, peeling outward and upward. You will notice how easy it is to remove, therefore protecting the delicate skin under the eye.
Step 4
Reapply the eyePRO pad a few millimeters below its original position. Apply a mid coloured eye shadow along your lower lash line, sweeping outward to join the eye shadow at the outer corner of your eye. Emma went with a goldish brown shade. Sweep this same shade over the centre of your eyelid and blend outward into the darker brown eye shadow. Using a slightly blunt kohl pencil in black, gently run it along your lower waterline. This step is optional - whatever you feel comfortable with.
Step 5
Dust a layer of nude shimmer eye shadow over the edges of your darker shade to further diffuse. This also ensures your smokey eye looks perfectly blended. Remove the eyePRO pad as per step 3. Whether you choose to wear false lashes or go with your natural lashes is completely personal – both work well with this look. Emma applied strip lashes in a natural finish.
Step 6
Apply a few swipes of your favorite mascara to the upper and lower lashes and your look is complete. Enjoy!