Can I apply the eyePRO pads over foundation?
Yes absolutely, the eyePRO pads can be applied either before or after foundation application as they won’t remove your foundation when manoeuvering or removing.


  1. Will the eyePRO pads pull the skin under the eye when removing, as sticky tape does?
  2. Not at all. We specifically designed the eyePRO pads to be gentle on the delicate skin under the eye.


  1. What is on the underside of the eyePRO pads to allow them to adhere to the face?
  2. The eyePRO pads contain a soothing hydrogel which leaves your under eye area feeling fresh and hydrated.


  1. What if the eyePRO pads lift during eye makeup application?
  2. Not a problem, different facial expressions may cause the eyePRO pads to lift slightly. If this occurs simply push them back down to adhere to the skin and carry on.


  1. How do I know which angle to place the eyePRO pads on?
  2. There are no rules, simply play around with different angles until you find the angle you like best. For example, when creating a winged cat eye some people prefer a subtle flick whist others prefer a more dramatic feline flick.


  1. Will the eyePRO pads suit my eye shape and size?
  2. We haven’t found an eye yet that eyePRO doesn’t work for.


  1. Can I use the eyePRO pads more than once?
  2. It is recommended that the eyePRO pads are used for single makeup application only.


  1. Can I move the eyePRO pads to different angles during eye makeup application?
  2. Yes you can, the eyePRO pads were created to be manoeuverable when applying your eye makeup. For example, you may initially place your eyePRO pads as a guide for a winged cat eye, then you can manoeuvre them downwards as a shadow shield when applying eyeshadow to your lower lash line.


  1. What is the best way to remove the clear backing from the eyePRO pad?
  2. We recommend pinching the eyePRO pad between your thumb and forefinger and sliding each finger in the opposite direction to create an opening.


  1. What is the method and cost of shipping?
  2. Delivery usually takes between 2 to 5 business days, but this may vary depending on where you are located.Please note that we only sell and ship within Australia and we send all parcels using Australia Post. We have a flat shipping rate of $5.00 for orders of 1-4 boxes and complimentary shipping for orders of 5 or more boxes.